The National Development Plan 2021-2025

Nigeria’s National Development Plan (NDP), 2021 – 2015 is a medium-term blueprint designed to unlock the country’s potentials in all sectors of the economy for a sustainable, holistic and inclusive national development, developed by the different facet of the Private Sector, Sub-national Government, Civil Society Organization (CSO) and facilitated by the Federal Government of Nigeria. This was deliberately done for inclusiveness, participation and citizen engagement to ensure no one is left behind. The Plan is a successor to the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP), 2017-2020, which elapsed in December 2020. The vision of the NDP, 2021-2025 is consistent with the pursuit of socio-economic transformation of our country as envisioned in the long-term aspiration of Nigeria, encapsulated in the Nigeria Agenda 2050. The Plan also builds on the achievements and lessons learned during the implementation of the ERGP. 

The NDP 2021-2025, adopted an integrated and multi-sectoral development approach. The approach recognises the multi-faceted and interlinked nature of sustainable development, which calls for interventions to be tackled simultaneously through a coordinated approach to implementing development programmes. To achieve this, the Plan is guided by four strategic objectives, namely; establishing a strong foundation for a concentric diversified economy; investment in critical physical, financial, science and innovation infrastructure; building a solid framework and enhance capacities to strengthen security and ensure good governance; and enabling a vibrant, educated and healthy populace. 

During the Plan period, government will focus on sectors with great potentials to generate jobs for our people and with multiplier effects on other sectors. We will continue to invest in critical infrastructure such as Power and alternative energy, Rail, Roads, and Housing and ensure macroeconomic stability, enhance business and investment environment, and improve the living conditions of Nigerians. 

By 2025, the effective implementation of the Plan is expected to achieve average economic growth of 4.6 percent.  Cumulatively it would have lifted 35 million people out of poverty and created 21 million full-time jobs. It would have also raised revenue to GDP ratio to 15 percent as well as improve health and education of the population…Read More

H.E. Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR
President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces
Federal Republic of Nigeria

The Vision Statement


To make Nigeria a country that has unlocked its potential in all sectors of the economy for a sustainable, holistic, and inclusive national development. 


To effectively guide the implementation of programmes and policies that promote rapid multi-sectoral growth and development of Nigeria’s economy. 

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